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  • 九州工業大学 -  博士(情報工学)  2011年03月

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  • 2019年04月

    九州工業大学   大学院情報工学研究院   情報・通信工学研究系   助教  

  • 2014年04月

    九州工業大学   大学院情報工学研究院   電子情報工学研究系   助教  


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  • Analysis and Optimization of Channel Bonding in Dense IEEE 802.11 WLANs

    Lanante L., Roy S.

    IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications    20 ( 3 ) 2150 - 2160   2021年03月  [査読有り]


    Channel bonding in IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs is a technique whereby adjacent 20MHz channels are 'bonded' to create a wider bandwidth channel that supports higher data rate transmissions. Although rate improvements due to channel bonding has been shown in sparse wireless LAN environments, its effectiveness in dense scenarios requires further exploration due to increased sensitivity to interference from overlapping co-channel basic service sets. With the newly finalized 802.11ax standard supporting enhanced spatial reuse feature, its impact on the expected gains from channel bonding needs careful analysis. In this work, we propose a new analytical framework that accurately models the performance of channel bonding as a function of both PHY and MAC parameters for a dense network scenario. A new channel bonding algorithm that is robust to overlapped co-channel interference is described, i.e. it preserves channel bonding gains by intelligently choosing the channel bonding bandwidth based on network conditions and parameters that are readily available to all stations, critically the modulation scheme chosen for packet transmission. The predicted gains of the proposed algorithm are verified via comprehensive simulations conducted with the open source network simulator ns-3.

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  • Cooperative MIMO Applied Null Beamforming to Self in Full-Duplex Wireless Communication System and Its Implementation

    Kawano M., Nagao Y., Lanante L., Kurosaki M., Ochi H.

    International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, ICACT    2021-February   176 - 181   2021年02月  [査読有り]


    This paper proposes a full-duplex wireless communication system applying cooperative multiple-input multiple-output (Co-MIMO). This proposal solves self-interference (SI) in full-duplex wireless communication systems by applying the block diagonalization used in multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO). Therefore, there is no need for a radio frequency (RF) canceller, which has a large hardware size and is difficult to extend to MIMO. Furthermore, higher throughput can be achieved by applying Co-MIMO, in which multiple access points work together to communicate. We also introduce the implementation of the proposed method using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and software-defined radio (SDR) in this paper. It shows that SI cancellation can be realized by using them. The proposed method is implemented based on the IEEE 802.11n frame format as an example. In the experiment, a total of 30 [dB] SI cancellation is confirmed with a transmission power of-12 [dBm]. The SI cancellation amount can be further increased by increasing the transmission power.

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  • Performance analysis model of IEEE 802.11 CSMA/CA for Multi-BSS environment

    Kajihara R., Wenkai H., Lanante L., Kurosaki M., Ochi H.

    IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC    2020-August   2020年08月  [査読有り]


    The Markov chain based model by Bianchi for IEEE802.11 distributed controlled access is a highly accurate analytical tool for estimating the system throughput when a single Basic Service Set (BSS) network operates in isolation. However, with the increase of wireless LAN access points being deployed on the same area, an environment with multiple BSS interfering with each other has become the default network scenario. The purpose of this work is to extend the single BSS Markov chain model into a multi-BSS model by incorporating the influence of STAs' interference range and carrier sense range to their own transmission and collision probabilities. We verify the proposed multi-BSS analytical model using the latest version of the ns3 simulator which has recently supported accurate PHY abstractions for multi-BSS simulation. We show that the proposed model has a high accuracy (within 1%) independent of the multi-BSS network topology.

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  • Hardware Design of Transmitter and Receiver for High Quality Video Transmission

    Kubo K., Yoshikawa Y., Tashiro K., Lanante L., Kurosaki M., Ochi H.

    2020 8th International Electrical Engineering Congress, iEECON 2020      2020年03月  [査読有り]


    The demand for high-resolution wireless video transmission technology is expected to increase greatly as the video resolution increases, and as the Wi-Fi devices spread. Wireless transmission of high-resolution video requires high throughput, therefore it is necessary to use a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system. In this paper, we propose an evaluation platform for video transmission method based on joint source-channel coding (JSCC) that suppresses the degradation of received video by combining source coding and precoding, and efficient hardware software co-design for implementing it on hardware such as field-programmable gate array (FPGA) board. As a result of simulation, beamforming based on eigenbeam-space division multiplexing (E-SDM), one of the precoding method, is performed and the effectiveness of the proposed method has been confirmed.

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  • Verification of Symbol Timing Synchronization for Wi-Fi System

    Kusunoki I., Nagano K., Sutisna N., Nagao Y., Lanante L., Kurosaki M., Ochi H.

    Proceedings - 2019 19th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies, ISCIT 2019      167 - 172   2019年09月  [査読有り]


    © 2019 IEEE. In this paper, we propose a system that verifies and corrects the accuracy of symbol timing synchronization processing to determine reception time in Wi-Fi system. Time-of-flight (ToF) based Wi-Fi indoor mobile position estimation uses transmission and reception time stamp of radio waves between the mobile terminal targeted for estimation and fixed Wi-Fi receivers. However, it is known that the accuracy of radio reception time stamp in existing Wi-Fi receivers may be deteriorated due to the influence of multipath environment. Therefore, this paper proposes a system that corrects the accuracy of symbol timing synchronization processing that determines the reception time of radio wave in Wi-Fi system. This will improve the estimation accuracy of Wi-Fi indoor mobile position estimation.

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  • Extensible Preamble Format Design r3

    Leonardo Lanante

    IEEE 802.11 Standardization Meeting  (Bangkok, Thailand)  2015年09月  -  2015年09月    IEEE 802.11

  • Extensible Preamble Format Design

    Leonardo Lanante

    IEEE 802.11 Standardization Meeting  (Hawaii, USA)  2015年07月  -  2015年07月    IEEE 802.11

  • Transmission Interval of Trigger Frame

    Leonardo Lanante

    IEEE 802.11 Standardization Meeting  2015年07月  -  2015年07月    IEEE 802.11

  • UL-MU MAC Throughput under Non-Full Buffer Traffic

    Tatsumi Uwai

    IEEE 802.11 Standardization Meeting  (Berlin, Germany)  2015年03月  -  2015年03月    IEEE 802.11

  • Considerations on UL MU resource scheduling

    Leonardo Lanante

    IEEE 802.11 Standardization Meeting  (Berlin, Germany)  2015年03月  -  2015年03月    IEEE 802.11

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  • IEEE 802における無線資源を最大限に生かすための標準化推進及び最新動向調査

    提供機関:  民間財団等 

    研究期間:  2019年04月  -  2020年03月


     次世代の無線LAN規格では,無線リソースを最大限に生かすために,超高速無線通信,通称EHT (Extremely High Throughput)や空間の有効利用(Spatial Reuse),高精度測位(Next Generation Positioning)の検討が進められている.無線リソースの有効利用は日本だけでなく世界的に重要な事項であり,本提案では,IEEE802.11委員会会議に参加して,日本発の技術提案およびその採択を狙う.また,IEEE802全体の最新動向調査及び企業動向を調査する.


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  • 2019年度  電子回路ⅡE

  • 2017年度  電子回路ⅡE

  • 2016年度  電子回路ⅡE

  • 2015年度  電子回路ⅡE