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1-1 Sensui-cho, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka

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  • Okayama University -  Doctor of Engineering  2009.09

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  • 2018.02

    Kyushu Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Engineering   Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics   Associate Professor  


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  • Peer-to-Peer Energy Transfer by Power Gyrators Based on Time-Variable-Transformer Concept

      34 ( 8 ) 8230 - 8240   2019.08  [Refereed]

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    © 1986-2012 IEEE. A control strategy based on matching the source and load changes of the order of milliseconds, called peer-to-peer energy transfer, is introduced. This energy transfer enables a decoupled energy transfer system in common bus networks. To realize the transfer with a pair of two-port circuits, a power gyrator is derived from the phasor-based model of a bidirectional ac/dc converter, based on the concept of a time-variable transformer. Power-gyrator timing synchronization is achieved by communication, and a peer-to-peer energy transfer system is developed. Experimental and simulation results are compared, and it is demonstrated that peer-to-peer energy transfer can be used for decoupling common bus voltage networks.

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  • Design for reduction of far-end crosstalk in four-channel differential transmission line using per-unit-length parameters

    Matsushima T., Hisakado T., Wada O., Matsuda A., Hirano T.

    2019 Joint International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Sapporo and Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMC Sapporo/APEMC 2019      808 - 811   2019.06  [Refereed]

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    © 2019 The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineer. Modal analysis of a multi-channel differential transmission line is discussed for estimation of far-end crosstalk. A simple formula to evaluate the far-end crosstalk was derived using eigenmode and mixed mode S parameter. The accuracy of the proposed formula was verified by comparison with a full wave simulation. The far-end crosstalk of test four-channel differential lines was calculated by the derived formula. These results were in good agreement with that obtained by full-wave simulation. In addition, position of the differential transmission line with low crosstalk was determined using the proposed method.

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  • Formulation of single-conductor transmission line model with feedback electric fields by terminal discontinuity

      2018-November   642 - 644   2019.01  [Refereed]

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    © 2018 IEICE In this paper, we propose a single-conductor transmission line model with external excitation. It is expressed basically as the wave equation for the variables of linear charge densities and currents, but added by an excitation term of external electric fields. We theoretically derive electric fields generated by terminal discontinuity and incorporate them into the proposed equation as feedback. The model is tested against Method of Moments (MoM) and we confirmed its validity.

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  • Topological estimation of resonant frequencies by equivalent circuit for star meta-atoms

      2018-November   201 - 203   2019.01  [Refereed]

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    © 2018 IEICE We describe a topological approach for the analysis of meta-atoms. We focus on the star structure of wired metallic spheres and represent the dynamics by the equivalent circuit model in which the incident matrix of the circuit corresponds to the topology of wires. We show that all the resonant frequencies of the structures are approximately found by the graph Laplacian of the wire structures.

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  • Fukumoto/Matsushima Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology

    Fukumoto Yukihiro, Matsushima Tohlu

    Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging  ( The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging )  22 ( 7 ) 622 - 622   2019.01

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