中戸 晃之 (ナカト テルユキ)

NAKATO Teruyuki







無機―有機複合体, 層状化合物, インターカレーション, 層状半導体, 粘土鉱物, 無機ナノシート, 液晶



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  • 1987年03月   早稲田大学   理工学部   応用化学科   卒業   日本国

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  • 1992年03月  早稲田大学  理工学研究科  応用化学専攻  博士課程・博士後期課程  修了  日本国

  • 1989年03月  早稲田大学  理工学研究科  応用化学専攻  修士課程・博士前期課程  修了  日本国

取得学位 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 早稲田大学 -  博士(工学)  1992年03月

学内職務経歴 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 2018年04月

    九州工業大学   機器分析センター   センター長  

  • 2011年09月

    九州工業大学   大学院工学研究院   物質工学研究系   教授  

所属学会・委員会 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 2012年03月

    日本化学会 低次元系光機能材料研究会  日本国

  • 2011年01月

    日本粘土学会「粘土鉱物を利用した光機能系」研究グループ  日本国

  • 2007年06月

    日本化学会新領域研究グループ「低次元無機ー有機複合系の光化学」  日本国

  • 2003年08月

    高分子学会  日本国

  • 2000年01月

    日本粘土学会  日本国

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専門分野(科研費分類) 【 表示 / 非表示

  • ナノ材料化学

  • 機能物性化学

  • 無機工業材料


研究経歴 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 無機ナノシート分散体を用いる光エネルギー変換


    研究期間: 2002年04月  -  継続中

  • 酸化物ナノシート分散体の性質と機能発現


    研究期間: 2001年10月  -  継続中

  • 無機ナノシート液晶の開発


    研究期間: 2001年10月  -  継続中

  • 層間化合物型有害物質吸着剤の開発


    研究期間: 2000年04月  -  2010年03月

  • 層状酸化物のインターカレーション


    研究期間: 1992年04月  -  2008年03月

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  • Universal Access to Two-Dimensional Mesoporous Heterostructures by Micelle-Directed Interfacial Assembly

    Wang J., Chang Z., Ding B., Li T., Yang G., Pang Z., Nakato T., Eguchi M., Kang Y.M., Na J., Guan B.Y., Yamauchi Y.

    Angewandte Chemie - International Edition    59 ( 44 ) 19570 - 19575   2020年10月  [査読有り]


    © 2020 Wiley-VCH GmbH Two-dimensional (2D) mesoporous heterostructures combining ultrathin nanosheet morphology, periodic porous surface structures, and diverse hybrid compositions have become increasingly important for renewable energy storage and electronics. However, it remains a great challenge to develop a universal method to prepare 2D mesoporous heterostructures. Herein, we report a composite-micelle-directed interfacial assembly method to synthesize heterostructures of an ultrathin 2D material covered with mesoporous monolayers assembled on both sides. To demonstrate the concept, we first fabricated a new sandwichlike carbon@MXene@carbon mesoporous heterostructure through the self-assembly of exfoliated MXene nanosheets and block copolymer F127/melamine-formaldehyde resin composite micelles and subsequent thermal treatment. Finally, we demonstrate that the carbon@MXene@carbon mesoporous heterostructured nanosheets manifest remarkably enhanced electrochemical performance as a cathode material for lithium–sulfur batteries.

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  • Development of Structural Color by Niobate Nanosheet Colloids

    Mouri E., Ogami C., Fukumoto T., Nakato T.

    Chemistry Letters  ( 公益社団法人 日本化学会 )  49 ( 6 ) 717 - 720   2020年06月  [査読有り]


    © 2020 The Chemical Society of Japan Inorganic nanosheets obtained by exfoliation of layered crystals of hexaniobate in water form colloidal liquid crystals. We found that they develop various structural colors by moderating nanosheet concentration and ionic atmosphere.

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  • 無機ナノシート液晶の発見と展開

    中戸 晃之

    粘土科学  ( 一般社団法人 日本粘土学会 )  59 ( 2 ) 46 - 51   2020年01月  [査読有り]  [招待有り]


    <p>Inorganic nanosheets obtained by exfoliation of layered crystals such as smectite-type clays have been actively investigated as building blocks of nanomaterials in the past 25 years. However, their colloidal systems were at the outside of such a research trend. At the beginning of 21st century, liquid crystalline behavior of colloidal nanosheets was recalled into academic studies, and then the materials chemistry of 'nanosheet liquid crystals' has been gradually developed. Many popular nanosheets have been registered at the library of liquid crystals. Nanosheet liquid crystals are rare examples of inorganic soft materials, whose properties are greatly different from their mother crystals due to their softness. A typical property of nanosheet liquid crystals is structural coloration reflecting long periodic lengths between nanosheets. Also, technical inventory of manipulating liquid crystalline nanosheets has been enriched as exemplified by electric alignment and optical manipulation. Hierarchical structures of liquid crystalline nanosheets up to mm-level lengths have been organized with appropriate combination of manipulating techniques.</p>

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  • ZnO decorated on low carbonate NiAl-layered double hydroxide as efficient photocatalyst for methyl orange degradation

    Intachai S., Nakato T., Khaorapapong N.

    Applied Clay Science      2020年01月  [査読有り]


    © 2020 Elsevier B.V. The decoration of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods on layered structure of low carbonate NiAl-layered double hydroxide (NiAl-LDH) was conducted by a combination of an aqueous solution of zinc chloride and an aqueous suspension of NiAl-LDH under hydrothermal method and subsequent calcination at 250 °C for 6 h. A series of the products, ZnO/NiAl-LDH(x), where x was a Zn2+ content, were characterized by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, surface analysis, as well as UV–visible and photoluminescence spectroscopies. The slight shift of the reflection at around 11° as well as the appearance of two peaks at around 23° and 47° in the X-ray diffraction patterns, and the decrease of the vibration mode of CO32‐− (at 1359 cm−1) in Fourier transform infrared spectra confirmed the deintercalation of CO32− on/in layered double hydroxide. The presence of the reflections due to zinc oxide at around 32°, 33° and 36° and transmission electron microscope images demonstrated the images of zinc oxide nanorods distributed on the external surface of the hexagonal plates of the layered double hydroxide, verified the formation of zinc oxide crystal in the products. The band gap energy value of the products was highly dependent on the amount of zinc oxide in the products that played an important role in the photodegradation enhancement of methyl orange in aqueous solution and the catalytic reusing performance.

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  • Mesoscopic Architectures Made of Electrically Charged Binary Colloidal Nanosheets in Aqueous System

    Nakato T., Takahashi A., Terada S., Yamaguchi S., Mouri E., Shintate M., Yamamoto S., Yamauchi Y., Miyamoto N.

    Langmuir    35 ( 45 ) 14543 - 14552   2019年11月  [査読有り]


    Copyright © 2019 American Chemical Society. Inorganic layered materials can be converted to colloidal liquid crystals through exfoliation into inorganic nanosheets, and binary nanosheet colloids exhibit rich phase behavior characterized by multiphase coexistence. In particular, niobate-clay binary nanosheet colloids are characterized by phase separation at a mesoscopic (aseveral tens of micrometers) scale whereas they are apparently homogeneous at a macroscopic scale. Although the mesoscopic structure of the niobate-clay binary colloid is advantageous to realize unusual photochemical functions, the structure itself has not been clearly demonstrated in real space. The present study investigated the structure of niobate-clay binary nanosheet colloids in detail. Four clay nanosheets (hectorite, saponite, fluorohectorite, and tetrasilisic mica) with different lateral sizes were compared. Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) indicated lamellar ordering of niobate nanosheets in the binary colloid. The basal spacing of the lamellar phase was reduced by increasing the concentration of clay nanosheets, indicating the compression of the liquid crystalline niobate phase by the isotropic clay phase. Scattering and fluorescence microscope observations using confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) demonstrated the phase separation of niobate and clay nanosheets in real space. Niobate nanosheets assembled into domains of several tens of micrometers whereas clay nanosheets were located in voids between the niobate domains. The results clearly confirmed the spatial separation of two nanosheets and the phase separation at a mesoscopic scale. Distribution of clay nanosheets is dependent on the employed clay nanosheets; the nanosheets with large lateral length are more localized or assembled. This is in harmony with larger basal spacings of niobate lamellar phase for large clay particles. Although three-dimensional compression of the niobate phase by the coexisting clay phase was observed at low clay concentrations, the basal spacing of niobate phase was almost constant irrespective of niobate concentrations at high clay concentrations, which was ascribed to competition of compression by clay phase and restoring of the niobate phase.

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著書 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Inorganic nanosheets and nanosheet-based materials

    Teruyuki Nakato, Jun Kawamata, Shinsuke Takagi ( 共編者 )

    Springer Japan  2017年04月 ISBN: 978-4-431-56494-6

  • 二次元物質の科学

    中戸晃之, 宮元展義 ( 共著 )

    化学同人  2017年03月 ISBN: 978-4-7598-1385-2

  • ナノ空間材料ハンドブック

    中戸晃之,宮元展義 ( 共著 , 担当範囲: 第4章9節 )

    エヌ・ティー・エス  2016年02月

  • 「化学の要点シリーズ11 層状化合物」

    中戸晃之、宮元展義 ( その他 , 担当範囲: コラム「層状化合物がつくる液晶」 )

    共立出版  2014年06月

  • 革新機能材料の開発と応用展開─粘土鉱物、ナノシート、メソ孔シリカと有機系層状材料を利用して─

    中戸晃之 ( 共編者 , 担当範囲: 第1章 )

    シーエムシー出版  2012年05月

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口頭発表・ポスター発表等 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Colloidal Liquid Crystals of Inorganic Nanosheets: Generation and Manipulation

    T. Nakato  [招待有り]

    Kyutech-KKU International Symposium  2019年12月  -  2019年12月   

  • Preparation of Cellulose Nanocrystals based Core-Shell Particles

    Jie Zhang, E. Mouri, T. Nakato

    令和元年度物理化学インターカレッジセミナー 兼 日本油化学会界面科学部会九州地区講演会  2019年12月  -  2019年12月   

  • Preparation of Cellulose Nanocrystals Based Core-shell Particles via Self-organized Precipitation Method

    Jie Zhang, E. Mouri, T. Nakato

    The 12th Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Bio-microsensing Technology  2019年12月  -  2019年12月   

  • Electric Alignment of Niobate-Clay Binary Nanosheet Colloids

    W. Ishitobi, M. Yabuuchi, E. Mouri, T. Nakato

    2019 International Conference on Nanospace Materials  2019年10月  -  2019年10月   

  • Optical Microscope Observation of Inorganic Nanosheets in Colloidal State

    T. Nakato  [招待有り]

    2019 International Conference on Nanospace Materials  2019年10月  -  2019年10月   

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講演 【 表示 / 非表示

  • Inorganic Nanosheet Liquid Crystals: Toward Hierarchical Macroscopic Soft Structures

    Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference 2016 ( Bangkok, Thailand )  2016年02月10日 

  • Nanosheet Liquid Crystals: Hierarchically Structured Inorganic Soft Matter

    KYUTECH–VISTEC Joint Workshop on “Nanosheets and Related Materials”   2016年01月09日 

  • 酸化物ナノシートを利用したソフト階層構造の組織化と機能

    石油学会第32回九州・沖縄支部講演会 ( 北九州学術研究都市産学連携センター )  2015年10月23日 

  • Phase Behavior of the Colloidal Liquid Crystals of Binary Inorganic Nanosheets

    2015 International Conference on Nanospace Materials ( Taipei, R. O. C. )  2015年06月23日 

  • 低次元無機粒子のマクロな凝集状態は光化学反応を制御するか

    日本化学会第95春季年会   2015年03月26日 

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科研費獲得実績 【 表示 / 非表示

  • 無機ナノシート液晶の光操作による動的階層構造の自在制御と機能


    研究期間:  2015年04月  -  2018年03月

    研究課題番号:  15H03878

  • 無機ナノシート液晶を用いる新奇な偏光発光材料の開発


    研究期間:  2014年04月  -  2016年03月

    研究課題番号:  26620195

  • 酸化物ナノシート液晶による無機擬似生体膜の創製


    研究期間:  2012年04月  -  2014年03月

    研究課題番号:  24655198

  • 半導体ナノシート液晶を基盤とする動的融合系の構築と光エネルギー変換


    研究期間:  2011年04月  -  2013年03月

    研究課題番号:  23107511

  • 層状半導体の剝離ナノシート分散体による光エネルギー変換系の構築


    研究期間:  2008年04月  -  2011年03月

    研究課題番号:  20550171

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  • 2019年度  応用化学自由研究

  • 2019年度  応用化学特論Ⅲ

  • 2019年度  無機化学概論

  • 2019年度  応用化学特論Ⅰ

  • 2019年度  機能性材料化学

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