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680-4 Kawazu, Iizuka-shi, Fukuoka

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Algebraic Combinatorics

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  • 1999.03   Kyushu University   Faculty of Science   Graduated   JAPAN

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  • 2004.03  Kyushu University    Doctoral Program  Completed  JAPAN

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  • Kyushu University -  Doctor of Mathematics  2004.03

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  • 2019.04

    Kyushu Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering   Department of Computer Science and Networks   Associate Professor  

  • 2013.04

    Kyushu Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering   Department of Systems Design and Informatics   Associate Professor  

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  • 2011.10

      Associate Professor   JAPAN

  • 2009.02

      Assistant Professor   JAPAN

  • 2006.04

      Special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science   JAPAN

  • 2004.04

      Researcher   JAPAN

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  • Algebraic Combinatorics


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  • Harmonic Index t-Designs in the Hamming Scheme for Arbitrary q

    Tagami M., Hori R.

    Graphs and Combinatorics    36 ( 4 ) 1093 - 1109   2020.07  [Refereed]

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    © 2020, Springer Japan KK, part of Springer Nature. The notion of T-design in a symmetric association scheme was introduced by Delsarte. A harmonic index t-design is the particular case in which the index set T consists of a single index { t}. Zhu et al. studied a harmonic index t-design in the binary Hamming scheme and gave a Fisher type lower bound on the cardinality. Also they defined the notion of a tight harmonic index design using the bound, and considered the classification problem. In this paper, we extend their results to the general Hamming scheme and improve their Fisher type lower bound slightly. Also using the improved Fisher type lower bound, we redefine the notion of a tight harmonic index design and consider the classification problem. Furthermore, we give a natural characterization for a harmonic index t-design and an analogue in the Hamming scheme for the construction of spherical harmonic index t-designs which was given by Bannai–Okuda–Tagami.

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  • Spherical designs of harmonic index t "jointly worked"

    Eiichi Bannai, Takayuki Okuda, Makoto Tagami

    Journal of Approximation Theory    195   1 - 18   2015.07  [Refereed]  [Invited]

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  • ケプラー予想の計算機による証明と検証について(共著)

    溝口佳寛, 田上真

    数学セミナー  ( 日本評論社 )    2014.11

  • Negatively curved cubic carbon crystals with octahedral symmetry

    Makoto Tagami, Yunye Liang, Hisashi Naito, Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, Motoko Kotani

    Carbon    76   266 - 274   2014.09  [Refereed]

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  • Some Applications of Spherical Designs(<Special Topic>A Mathematical Challenge to a New Phase of Materials Science)

    Tagami Makoto

    Bulletin of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics  ( The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics )  23 ( 4 ) 166 - 170   2013.01

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    In this paper, we introduce some applications of spherical designs to materials science. A spherical design, which is a notion of pure mathematics, has been mainly studied well in algebraic combinatorics. Spherical design is defined as what giving a good configuration of finite points on sphere from the viewpoint of the surface integral. On the other hand, it is closely related to minimizing potential energy of finite points on sphere. We extend the theory of potential energy minimization to Euclidean designs, which is a natural generalization of spherical designs to Euclidean space, and apply Euclidean design to structural analysis of metal clusters, in particular, to rhodium clusters. Some other applications of spherical design are stated.

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Publications (Books) 【 display / non-display

  • Discovering Group Theory

    Makoto Tagami ( Single Work )

    2019.01 ISBN: 9784807915002

  • 理工系学生のための微分積分(共著)

    岡崎悦明,岡山友昭,齋藤夏雄,佐藤好久,田上真,廣門正行,廣瀬英雄 ( Joint Work ,  2章 )

    培風館  2017.02 ISBN: 978-4-563-01209-0

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Conference Prsentations (Oral, Poster) 【 display / non-display

  • Harmonic index t-designs in Hamming Schemes

    田上 真

    Japanese Conference on Combinatorics and Its Applications 2019  2019.08  -  2019.08 

  • Hamming scheme 上の調和指数 t-designについて

    田上 真

    第36回代数的組合せ論シンポジウム  (長崎大学文教キャンパス)  2019.06  -  2019.06  島袋修

  • Harmonic Index t-design in Hamming Schemes

    Hakata Workshop; Winter Meeting 2019 ~Discrete Mathematics and its Applications  2019.02  -  2019.02 

  • Harmonic Index t-design in Hamming Schemes

    International Workshop on Algebraic Combinatorics  2018.11  -  2018.11 

  • On the classification of Mackay crystals by Group action

    International workshop on topology/geometry-driven Electron Systems  2015.12  -  2015.12 

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Lectures 【 display / non-display

  • On harmonic index designs

    金沢大学セミナー   2020.02.03 

  • Euclidean Distortion of small graphs

    Combinatorial Seminar in Shanghai Jiaotong University   2017.12.06 

  • 高校数学についてのいくつかの話題

    福岡県高等学校数学教育会   2017.12.01 

  • universally optimal codeの紹介

    CREST セミナー   2010.12 

  • Geometry of Chemical Graphs」の解説 1

    CREST セミナー   2009.05 

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