2-4 Hibikino, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka

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Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Shock Wave, Drug Delivery systems, Regenerative Medicine, Micromachine, Thrombus, Artificial Organs, Blood Flows

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  • 1988.03   Kyoto University   Faculty of Engineering   Dept. of Mech. Eng.   Graduated   JAPAN

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  • 1990.03  The University of Tokyo  Graduate School, Division of Engineering  Mechanical Eng.  Master's Course  Completed  JAPAN

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  • Kyoto University -  Doctor of Engineering  1996.05

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  • 2014.04

    Kyushu Institute of TechnologyGraduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering   Department of Biological Functions Engineering   Professor  

  • 2010.04

    Kyushu Institute of TechnologyGraduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering   Department of Biological Functions and Engineering   Professor  

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  • 1996.05

      Lecturer   JAPAN

  • 1990.04

      Research Assistant   JAPAN

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  • 2002.04

    The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers  JAPAN

  • 2005.04

    Japannese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering  JAPAN


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  • Significant attributes identification for indoor cycling fatigue classification

    Tang S., Loh W., Tamagawa M.

    AIP Conference Proceedings    2138   2019.08  [Refereed]

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    © 2019 Author(s). Indoor cycling was commonly examined from the riding posture, saddle height or pedal force to analyze the muscular activity on cyclists' lower limbs. While strong muscular strength and proper riding posture are important to minimize strain, the significances of these attributes on cycling fatigue were unclear. An attempt was made to identify significant attributing features for indoor cycling fatigue classification based on an experimental study involving twenty healthy postgraduates. The participants were tasked to perform an indoor cycling fatigue experiment at 6km/h with gradual speed increment till fatigue level achieved. The accelerometry, sacral trajectory and the lower limb kinematic changes were measured. Significant feature subset selection was determined using the wrapper approach with IBk algorithm. The featured data were later classified on IBk, SMO, ZeroR, J48 and Vote followed by subsequent discriminant analysis. The results demonstrated that the significant attributes yielded 95.0% and 75% classification accuracies (training data) but yielded 72.5% and 65.0% (10 folds cross-validation) on Vote and the discriminant analysis respectively. Findings revealed that the cycle frequency is the most significant attribute exerting a major effect on cycling fatigue while StepRegML and Disp_ML attributes contribute little to distinguish fatigue and pre-fatigue cycling motion.

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  • Effects of impinging jet flow on platelets adhesion by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis with consideration of particle motion for predicting thrombus formation

      10 ( 8 ) 755 - 762   2019.08  [Refereed]

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    © 2019, ICIC International. All rights reserved. To establish the prediction method of thrombus formation on the wall by computational fluid dynamics (CFD), it is very important to find out the effects of flow field on platelet adhesion on the wall. In this paper, the particle motions on impinging jet flow which has the stagnation point were analyzed, and the adhered particles on the wall were also analyzed. Especially, discrete particles by using the impinging jet flow that Affeld used for the platelet adhesion experiment were analyzed, and the adhesion mecha- nism of particles simulating platelets was investigated by CFD. This adhesion mechanism is corresponded to starting point for thrombus formation on shear flow. After analyzing three-dimensional flow field particle motions by using fundamental equations on the im- pinging jet flow, the platelet motions can be obtained. From the result of CFD comparing with experiment, it was concluded that the platelet motion was able to be simulated on the impinging jet flow by using particle tracking method with consideration of density dif- ference. It was also concluded that predicted adhered distribution did not agree well with experimental result even though the tendency of distribution of adhered platelet could be obtained. Further investigation and trials for this validation will be needed to establish the prediction method.

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  • A Cartesian non-boundary fitted grid method on complex geometries and its application to the blood flow in the aorta using OpenFOAM

      159   220 - 250   2019.05  [Refereed]

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    © 2018 International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (IMACS) The aim of this paper is to develop a new non-boundary fitted (NBF) Cartesian grid method to compute flows in a complex geometry such as that found in a human aorta. The algorithm is based on the volume of fluid (VOF) colour function in a regular Cartesian grid through the open source OpenFOAM platform. The solid was treated as a fluid with very high viscosity to theoretically reduce its deformability, and subsequently satisfy a no-slip condition at the boundary. We also introduced the artificial term of the colour function into an algebraic system of momentum equations, which had a significant impact on the non deformability of solid domain and originality of this study. The developed solver, NBF-VOF, is then thoroughly validated using a variety of numerical and experimental results available in the literature Finally, we demonstrated the applicability of our code on flows in a complex geometry based on patient-specific image data robustly without the need for complex meshing generation procedures that conventional boundary fitted (BF) methods do.

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        2019.01  [Refereed]

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    © 2019 World Scientific Publishing Company. In this work, a 3D urinary bladder was subjected to various pressure loading conditions mimicking the bladder filling volume. The bladder layer consisting of adventitia, detrusor and mucosa layer having different mechanical properties produced different deformation and stresses when subjected to the varying loads. The volume of the bladder changed to 231.34ml which was 128.91% higher than the assumed initial volume of 50ml on application of 18kPa of pressure. The detrusor layer which is thickest of the bladder wall reduced to 1.312mm from 4.4mm, recording a 108% change in its thickness at 18kPa pressure. The maximum von-Mises stress obtained were significantly higher in case of the Mucosa layer when compared to the detrusor and adventia layer. The unique layup of the bladder wall having different properties plays a major role in sustaining adverse pressure gradients and absorbing high stresses.

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  • せん断流れにおける人工壁面での白色および赤色血栓形成の観察とCFDによる予測法について

    玉川 雅章, Yi Yingming, 宮村 裕子, 山口 翔史, 山口 泰申

    生体医工学  ( 公益社団法人 日本生体医工学会 )  57 ( 0 ) S172_2 - S172_2   2019.01  [Refereed]

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Publications (Books) 【 display / non-display

  • 高度物理刺激と生体応答 ( 衝撃波による細胞刺激)

    佐藤岳彦他 編著 ( Joint Work ,  2.2.10 衝撃波による細胞刺激 )

    養賢堂  2017.08 ISBN: 978-4-8425-0562-6

  • マイクロ/ナノカプセルの 調製、徐放性制御と応用事例 -膜の選定、製膜法/表面の親疎水性コントロール -

    玉川雅章 ( Single Work ,  第2章 マイクロ/ナノカプセルの評価・解析,3節 気泡内包マイクロカプセルの破壊率評価 )

    技術情報協会  2014.10

  • Mechanical characteristics of vascular cells and tissues exposed to deformation, freezing and shock waves: Measurements and theoretical predictions

    H. Yamada,M. Tamagawa,H. Ishiguro ( Joint Work )

    Wada, H. ed., Biomechanics at Micro- and Nanoscale Levels, World Scientific  2007.09

  • 衝撃波ハンドブック 担当部分 衝撃波と生体組織に関係する解説

    赤松映明,玉川雅章 ( Joint Work )

    シュプリンガー・フェアラーク東京  1995.06

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  • 円管内オリフィスならびにノズルまわりのせん断流れにおける溶血・血栓形成の予測について

    中田祥平, 平山千春, Yi Yingming, 玉川雅章

    日本機械学会九州支部第71期総会講演会  2018.03  -  2018.03 

  • 各種のサイトカイン濃度勾配による好中球運動と膜上濃度分布の観察と推進機構解明

    伊藤誠, 玉川雅章

    日本機械学会九州支部第71期総会講演会  2018.03  -  2018.03 

  • 衝撃波組織再生培養システム開発のための時短パルスレーザー誘起衝撃波生成の検証 (第2報気液ならびに固液界面位置の水中内レーザ集束に及ぼす影響)

    今門利和, 玉川雅章, 寺島涼介

    平成29年度衝撃波シンポジウム講演論文集  (仙台)  2018.03  -  2018.03 

  • CFD Analysis of peripheral intravenous catheters used in Pediatrics

    The Proceedings of the JBME Conference (Kyushu Branch)  2018.03  -  2018.03 

  • Observation of neutrophil motion and concentration distribution on the membrane by several kinds of concentration gradient and elucidation of propulsion mechanism

    TAMAGAWA Masaaki, ITO Makoto

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kyushu Branch  2018.01  -  2018.01 


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  • Fundamental Study on Carotid Artery Stenting Using Numerical Simulation

    Project Year:  2019.06  -  2021.03