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1-1 Sensui-cho, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka

Research Fields, Keywords

ecological design,ecology, environmental planning, park, playground, biotope, children, urban green


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Keitaro is a professor at Kyushu Institute of Technology and teaches landscape ecology and design. He has been designing urban parks, river bank, school garden and forest parks. He has studied and worked in Japan,the U.K., and Germany. He is interested in ecological landscape design. Keitaro lives in Fukutsu-city in the southern part of Japan. For the past 15 years, he has been interested in nature restoration in urban areas, river restoration, gardens in primary schools, forest parks, and urban parks. He sometimes enjoys walking in the mountains outside of the city-this is one of the important reasons to think about nature preservation and restoration.

Undergraduate Education 【 display / non-display

  • 1991.03   Kyushu University   Faculty of Agriculture   Graduated   JAPAN

Post Graduate Education 【 display / non-display

  • 1999.03  Kyushu University  Graduate School, Division of Agriculture  Doctoral Program  Completed  JAPAN

Degree 【 display / non-display

  • Kyushu University -  Ph.D. in Agricultural Science  1998.03

Biography in Kyutech 【 display / non-display

  • 2016.10

    Kyushu Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Engineering   Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering   Professor  

  • 2008.04

    Kyushu Institute of TechnologyFaculty of Engineering   Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering   Associate Professor  

Biography before Kyutech 【 display / non-display

  • 2001.05

    School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape,University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne   Guest member of staff   UNITED KINGDOM

  • 1996.04

    Div. Environmental Planning, PREC Institute Inc.   Researcher   JAPAN

Specialized Field (scientific research fund) 【 display / non-display

  • Forest science

  • Civil and environmental engineering


Publications (Article) 【 display / non-display

  • Growing Placeともに育つ場所 16年間にわたる自然再生デザインのプロセス


    BIOCITY    ( 76 )   2018.10  [Refereed]  [Invited]

  • From Concrete Structures to Green Diversity-Ecological Landscape Design for Restoring Urban Nature and Children's Play

    Urban Planet      2018.04  [Refereed]  [Invited]

  • Collaborative forest management with basic environmental planning and biodiversity strategy in Fukutsu city

    ITO KEITARO, Sudo Tomomi, Hanada Yurie, Nakamatsu Takahiro, Ikejiri Emi, Shwe Yee Lin

    The Japanese Forest Society Congress    128 ( 0 )   2017.01

    DOI CiNii

  • Ecological education in the forest: Outdoor learning in Norway and Japan

    Sudo Tomomi, Ito Keitaro, Fjørtoft Ingunn, Yamashita Taro, Yamashita Ikuko

    The Japanese Forest Society Congress    128 ( 0 )   2017.01

    DOI CiNii

  • Characteristic of National park and forest usage in Urban area: the case study of Hlawga National park in Yangon

    Shwe Yee Lin, Ito Keitaro, Sudo Tomomi, Hanada Yurie, Nakamatsu Takahiro, Oda Yuusuke

    The Japanese Forest Society Congress    128 ( 0 )   2017.01

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    <p>Being a developing country, the balance of development and nature preservation is the essential role in Myanmar. Urban National Parks are important for nature preservation and recreation opportunities for visitors. It is a place where the communities can have experience the nature landscape, different from city landscape. Hlawga National Park is considered as study area which has easy access from Yangon urban area and connects with Bago Yoma. This study aims to examine the characteristics of park from the preferences and attitude of visitors and the nature of forestry. We consider (1) the present nature of park, (2) the preference and attitude of visitors, and (3) problems for sustainability of nature environment. Our findings will generate further discussion on the planning for conservation management of nature environment and biodiversity with the collaborative processes of visitors and tourists.</p>

    DOI CiNii

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Publications (Books) 【 display / non-display

  • Characteristics of spatial distribution, vegetation structure, and managment system of shrine/ temple forest as urban green space: The case of Kitakyushu city

    Manabe Tohru,ITO Keitaro,Hashimoto Daisuke,Dai Isono,Tkashi Umeno and Shuji Iijima ( Joint Work )

    Springer  2010.05

  • Urban Biodiversity and Design, "Conservation Science and Practice Series", Landscape Design and children's participation in a Japanese primary school - Planning process of school biotope for 5 years -,(eds)N.Muller, P.Werner, J.G.Kelcey, Oxford, UK

    ITO Keitaro,Fjortoft Ingunn,Manabe Tohru,Masuda Kentaro,Kamada Mahito,Fujiwara Katsunori ( Joint Work )

    Springer  2010.05

  • Landscape Ecology in Asian Culture

    Tohru Manabe,Keitaro Ito,Daisuke Hahimoto,Dai Isono,Takashi Umeno,Shuji Iijima ( Joint Work )

    Springer  2009.05

  • 九工大世界トップ技術Vol.02「土に還る緑のデザイン~漆喰土壁が植木鉢になりました~」

    伊東啓太郎,行平信義,尾池哲郎,原田進,高木正三郎 ( Joint Work )

    西日本新聞社  2008.04

  • Landscape Ecological Applications in Man-Influenced Areas - Linking Man and Nature Systems

    Tohru Manabe,Keitaro Ito,Dai Isono,Takashi Umeno ( Joint Work )

    Springer  2007.04

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Conference Prsentations (Oral, Poster) 【 display / non-display

  • Green infrastructure management for biodiversity conservation of Satoyama landscape in Fukutsu,Japan

    Hayato, Hasegawa

    The 10th ICLEE  (Dankook University,Cheonan,Korea(壇国大学))  2019.10  -  2019.11  ICLEE

  • Urban children's play environments in Myanmar and Japan

    Lin,Shwe yee

    The 10th ICLEE  (Dankook University,Cheonan,Korea(壇国大学))  2019.10  -  2019.11  ICLEE

  • ふくつの里山・干潟・海のつながりについて考えよう!ー高校・大学の協働による大峰山の森づくりー


    ふくつ環境シンポジウム2019 /生き物のつながりから考えよう、福津の自然とSDGs  (津屋崎中学校)  2019.10  -  2019.10  福津市・九州工業大学環境デザイン研究室

  • 海岸マツ林を守り・育てる人のつながり


    ふくつ環境シンポジウム2019 /生き物のつながりから考えよう、福津の自然とSDGs  (津屋崎中学校)  2019.10  -  2019.10  福津市・九州工業大学環境デザイン研究室

  • Green infrastructure management in cooperation with local governmentand residents

    Hayato, Hasegawa

    15th KMK Joint Seminar  (室蘭工業大学)  2019.08  -  2019.08  九州工業大学、室蘭工業大学、韓国海洋大学

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Lectures 【 display / non-display

  • 福津市環境基本計画の推進と課題

    生物多様性あなん戦略 ( 阿南ひまわり会館 )  2020.02.08  阿南市、阿南工業専門学校

  • 自然の恵みを活かすまちづくり

    ふくつ環境シンポジウム2019 /生き物のつながりから考えよう、福津の自然とSDGs ( 津屋崎中学校 )  2019.10.05  福津市・九州工業大学環境デザイン研究室

  • 環境基本計画・生物多様性地域戦略と連動した市民参加による環境保全と地域づくり

    ふくつ環境シンポジウム2019 みんなで考えよう!持続可能な福津のまちづくりと環境保全 ( 福津市文化会館 カメリアホール )  2019.01.26  福津市役所うみがめ課 ・九州工業大学 環境デザイン研究室

  • 地域のグリーンインフラ保全・活用を目的とした協働のプロセス〜福岡県福津市における環境基本計画策定、計画の実践と課題〜

    生態系管理フォーラム 地域計画と自然環境保全 ( 東邦大学 習志野キャンパス )  2018.12.09  日本生態学会・東邦大学理学部

  • What have learned from ecological landscape design in urban area in Japan

    URBIO 2018   2018.09.11  International Network for Urban Biodiversity and Design

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Honors and Awards 【 display / non-display


    2014.07.04     JAPAN

  • 2013 Good Design Award

    2013.01     JAPAN

  • 2007 Kids Design Award, Golden Prize

    2007.10.09     JAPAN

  • 2006 Good Design Award

    2006.10.02     JAPAN

  • Fukuoka Design Award 2005 / 1st prize

    2005.11.08     JAPAN

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Activities of Academic societies and Committees 【 display / non-display

  • 2007.04

    Japan Society of Civil Engineers